Packing for your dog's stay with us


  • Please bring with you your dog’s usual diet for the duration of their stay, but please supply extra - as your dog’s training/level of exercise may differ from that at home and we may need to increase the quantity of feed to maintain a healthy weight during their stay with us. 
  • All bowls will be provided, unless you use something particular like a slow feeding bowl
  • A bed and 'vets bedding' can be provided by us, or bring your own bedding for familiarity 
  • *If your dog is a known chewer, then please provide your own bedding, as damages caused by your dog are payable. 
  • We recommend you bring something your dog may enjoy chewing whilst in their kennel, such as an antler, buffalo horn, Nylabone or something similar. 
  • Any special treats or chews you wish your dog to have at lunch time or bedtime such as dog biscuits, carrotspigs’ ears etc.



If you dog has any symptons of ill health prior to arrival,

please do get in touch as soon as possible




If you forget to bring something then just let us know and we can

organise it to be delivered for you.


We would rather not give as treats

  • Ham Bones as they can splinter
  • Cheese, dentastixs or raw hide as it's not easily digested and can cause stomach upset.




Boarding License No 20/01002/AA_New

Breeding Licence No 23/00581/DD-New


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