Meet the Team



James Harding

Owner of Riverggins Gundogs


Professional gundog trainer

and fieldsports photographer.


James grew up surrounded by working dogs and has worked gundogs for the last twenty years. James enjoys picking up with our team of dogs on shoots up and down the country.





You might recognise some of his photographic images from advertisements

and popular sporting magazines.


*All the photographic images used on this website were taken by the Riverggins team.






Katie Davis

Owner of Riverggins Gundogs


Manager of day to day operations, health & welfare.


Katie, who has spent 25 years as a registered nurse, managing residential homes day services and the staff teams within them, brings both her caring qualities, knowledge of health, wellness and managerial experience to the team.


Katie's role is essential to the raising, nuturing and early training of our Riverggins Puppies




Our Story


Back in 2017, we realised that it was a combined dream to want to work together, for ourselves and spend our days doing what we love the most - working with dogs.


We are now engaged and lucky enough to have purchased the perfect property in Norfolk and to be able to develop the service we have dreamt of owning and running.

Our Riverggins Pack


We have several of our own dogs at home, mainly Labradors but also a Cocker Spaniel, a Treeing Walker Coonhound (USA) and a German X Belgium Shepherd.


Magnum, aka 'The General', was the founding member of the Riverggins Pack and is the silhouette of our company logo. He enjoyed his later life retired by the fireside

and shared his wisdom with the younger dogs until the grand old age of 14.




ASBO Riverggins Head of Security (& Refunds!!)


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