Gundog Residential Training


Here at Riverggins we offer bespoke residential training placements

for your dog to stay with us to learn new gundog skills or brush up on existing ones.


Whilst your dog is staying with us in one of our purpose built heated indoor kennels, they will learn the basics required to enable them to successfully enter the shooting field, or for the more advanced dog, a great opportunity to reach their full potential.


*If you want your dog to be experienced in the shooting field then please

read below about sending your dog to us during the shooting season



'The Riverggins Approach'


Riverggins Gundog Training is not affiliated with anyone training body, instead our proven and successful approach is one of continuous repetition, clear communication and positive reinforcement.



We use praise and the next retrieve or task as the reward, all the training and exercises we do are in a positive manner, if the dog struggles to grasp a technique, we may go back a step and if the dog is then continuously successful, we move on to the next challenge/skill.  We do not use clickers or treats in our training (however we do use food as a reward in the early stages with our puppies).



We have a vast knowledge and 25 years’ experience of working dogs. Our proven track record with our own dogs is testimony to our approach, as we breed, raise, train and work our own large team.


Our day here is very structured, and dogs very quickly settle and relax into a routine, knowing what is expected with clear communication, guidance and following the other dogs’ example. The day is a constant combination of games & training, feeding & relaxation or socialising in larger groups.  

Dogs are trained both individually and in small groups, learning from observing more advance dogs is a proven benefit, also encouraging patients and steadiness.

Our residential placements are for a minimum duration of four weeks (an average stay depending on requirements is approximately 3 months)



How to proceed:

Please call us for an initial discussion with regards to your dog's requirements
and your preferred dates for training. 

Application Form
You will then be asked to complete and return our application
form, found at the bottom of this page, so we have all your details to hand. Included in this form is a scoring system, where we ask you to assess and score your dog’s current ability and then your overall objectives from the training and an idea of duration of stay.


You and your dog will then be invited along to visit us here in Norfolk for an initial on-site assessment, so that we can ascertain what level your dog is at currently, how you handle and communicate with your dog and how best we can assist you in reaching your objectives.


We plan a bespoke training plan for your dog. We will then decide together a realistic time frame for your dog's to stay with us as you can appreciate every dog learns at a different rate and requires different motivation to achieve this. You will have the opportunity to have a look around and see our accommodation and facilities and to ask any questions you may have. 

During Training

We will keep you updated via videos and pictures of your dog's progress. Giving you feedback on how they are doing and what areas we are going to concentrate on next so you can be part of the training journey. 

Owners Handover & Training

At the end of the training, we will conduct a handover so that you have the tools and the knowledge of how to handle your dog. 




We cover all areas of training associated with becoming a gundog, including:




· General obedience.

  • Sit, stay, Leave it
  • General Manners

· Heel work on and off the lead.

· Steadiness.

· Retrieving balls, dummies and game

  • Using Dummy Launcher
  • Socialisation 
  • Working in groups



Priced at £275 per week


*Please note that we allow roughly a week for young or inexperienced dogs to get used to their new surroundings and routine before training can successfully commence.




Call the Riverggins team today

to discuss your dog's requirements and to find out our availability.



Now taking bookings for next seasons picking up team apprentices 


With the upcoming shoot season (October, November, December & January) we are looking for picking up apprentices, aimed at young and older dogs who want some shoot day experience picking game alongside the Riverggins team in conjunction with bespoke training in between shoots. 

Essential for young dogs to absorb the atmosphere, the noise and the excitement of a shoot day before being returned to you with experience under their belt. 



*Please note that your dog will need to be at the required trained level to qualify for this experience. If it's not, then please talk to us about preseason training. 



Opening hours for assessment, drop off and collection of dogs:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 8am- 6pm

*We try to keep Wednesdays & Sundays as clear days in the diary. 



Please download and complete the below

application form and
return the form via email to



*please note if you have an Apple computer,

ipad or iphone, then please download the PDF file, complete by hand and

either return to us by post or email.





For PC users - WORD document

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For Apple Mac's, ipad and iphone users

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