Gundog Residential Training

At Riverggins, we offer tailored residential training programs for your dog to learn new gundog skills or enhance the ones they already possess.

While residing in our purpose-built heated indoor kennels, your dog will be trained in the essential skills required for participation in the shooting field or for an active household. For dogs that are more advanced, this is a prime opportunity to reach their full potential.

*If you are interested in having your dog trained for the shooting field, please continue reading for details on sending your dog to us to get them ready for the season



'The Riverggins Approach'

Riverggins Gundog Training is independent of any specific training organisation. Our approach, which is both proven and successful, emphasizes consistent repetition, clear communication, and positive reinforcement.

Praise and the anticipation of the next retrieve or task serve as rewards. All our training exercises are conducted positively. If a dog has difficulty with a technique, we simply revisit an earlier step. Once the dog consistently succeeds, we progress to the next challenge or skill. We refrain from using clickers or treats during training, but we do employ food as an incentive in the initial stages with our puppies or when training novice dogs.


With 25 years of experience and extensive knowledge in working with dogs, our track record speaks for itself. At Riverggins, we breed, raise, train, and work with a large team of our own dogs, showcasing our effective approach.

Our days at Riverggins are highly structured, allowing dogs to quickly adapt and settle into a routine. They understand what is expected through clear communication and guidance, taking cues from the behavior of other dogs. Each day is filled with a mix of games and training, interspersed with feeding, relaxation, and socialization in larger groups.

Training is conducted both on an individual basis and in small groups. Observing and learning from more advanced dogs has proven to be beneficial, fostering patience and steadiness in the trainees.

Our residential training programs have a minimum duration of four weeks, with the average stay being around three months, depending on the specific requirements.



Our training encompasses all aspects necessary for gundog proficiency, such as:



General obedience includes commands like sit, stay, and leave it. It's also important to work on general manners, heel work both on and off the lead, and steadiness.Training for retrieving balls, dummies, and game using a dummy launcher is beneficial. Additionally, socialization and working in groups are key aspects of a well-rounded training program.


Priced at £330  
per week



*Please note that we allow roughly a week for young, inexperienced or anxious dogs to get used to their new surroundings and routine before training can successfully commence.



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Opeing hours for drop off & collection of your dog:

Monday - Saturday 8am- 6pm

(We try to keep Wednesdays & Sundays for ourselves)




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